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Healthy Farm Eatery (HFE) is a concept developed by Chef Luca Cobre who has been researching healthy eating habits for the last 25 years. HFE is focused on providing nourishment that is specific to the health of a person while ensuring they enjoy the pleasures of the delicacies prepared by Chef Luca and his team. The ambience at HFE is inviting and warm and the view, delightful, as one witnesses the bustling of the chefs behind a glass wall carefully constructing plates with organic ingredients, engorged with flavor.

At Healthy Farm Eatery, we envision a world where everyone has access to fresh, nutritious, and sustainably sourced food. We believe that food should be nourishing for the body and the planet and that it should be accessible to all. We are committed to promoting healthy eating habits, sustainable agricultural practices, and community engagement, and we strive to be a leading force in creating a better food system for all.

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"Change the way you eat. Naturally"

Luca Cobre

Executive Chef

Our Ingredients are locally sourced

At Healthy Farm Eatery, we take great care in sourcing our ingredients locally from nearby farms. By reducing the time it takes for our ingredients to travel from farm to table, we can ensure that our food is always fresh and at its nutritional peak. This is because fruits and vegetables lose some of their nutrients over time, especially during long periods of transportation. By using fresh ingredients, we can ensure that our meals are packed with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function at its best

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Locally sourced foods: freshness and quality guaranteed

Healthy Farm Eatery’s endeavor is to source most of its ingredients from local, organic farms thus ensuring its customers are always enjoying fresh, quality, nutrient-dense produce. This also helps us to promote and encourage the local farming, boost UAE’s food security and contribute to the reduction of food miles.

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